Ground Covers


The Ground Covers

The Grevilleas are one of the most and all-time popular shrubs that spread and grow in Australian gardens, with its exuberant and beautiful flower displays and its wide range of fascinating shapes and sizes ranging from prostrate plants and small shrubs to larger trees. Grevilleas are the perfect plants for almost any garden setting you adopt.

One of the most renowned features of the Grevilleas is its rapid dense growth. This feature makes the Grevilleas the ideal plants to use as ground covers. Grevilleas are capable of competing with the toughest weeds and thumping them.

At Killuke Nursery, we are Grevilleas specialists. We grow and sell different Grevilleas plants for ground covers. Our Grevilleas are top quality, grown in the best conditions, and highly resistant. Shop for your Grevilleas at Killuke Nursery, and you would be pleased with how your plants turn out looking and faring.

Grevilleas come in different sizes and shapes. There are Grevilleas ground cover plants that grow in a low and prostrate form. Grevilleas grow in a weeping form in which the branches hang low, and they spread out, forming a lush carpet. They are both great ground cover options.

A Grevilleas ground cover plant can spread over three, four, or more metres of land when grown under the right conditions. If you’re looking to grow on steep banks or on top of retaining walls, Grevillea plants are a perfect choice.

There are different varieties of the Grevilleas ground cover plants that you can choose from. Our Grevilleas Ground Cover collection includes:

The Fanfare is a low-spreading plant. It is about one foot tall and grows to between 10 and 15 feet wide. It covers an area of between 2 to 3 metres. Fanfare is good for smothering weeds. The flowers of the Grevilleas Austraflora Fanfare are deep red. Fanfares bloom from winter to spring.

Lanigera Mt. Tamboritha is a Grevillea plant widely grown in Australia. It is popular for its flowers and ornamental foliage. It is a low-spreading shrub. It grows to a height of 0.4 metres and a width of 1 to 2 metres. It can withstand temperatures as low as −5 ° Celsius (23 ° F).

The Royal Mantle is a prostrate shrub that trails. It attains a spread of 6 metres. The leaves are not divided and have a length between 50 and 130 millimetres and a width of 40 mm. The flowers are one-sided, dense, and red. It has arching branches. The branches are greyish. It grows to a height of about 2 metres and has a spread of about 3 metres.

The Grass Fire is a plant studded with bright red flowers. It blooms in the spring and summer. It can be used to minimise the growth of weed and to stop erosion. It requires very little maintenance and periodic removal of dead bits. It is frost and drought-tolerant and is good for seaside gardens. It has a height of between 0.1 and 0.3 metres and a width of between 2 and 3 metres.

Obtusifolia Gin Gin Gem has an attractive and dense growth habit that will suppress the growth of weeds. It flowers over a long period ranging from winter to spring. It also has some spots of flowers during the autumn. It has red and cream flowers. It has a height of 0.4 to 0.5 metres and a width of 1 to 3 metre.

The Bronze Rambler is dense and fast-growing. It helps to suppress weeds. It has a height of between 0.3 and 0.5 metres and a width of 3 to 5 metres. It has a red-coloured flower.

The Cooroora Cascade is a vigorous and low growing shrub. It has cascading branches. It has a height of 0.4 metres and a width of 3 metres. It has gold-coloured flowers.