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Austra Flora


The Austra Flora

Killuke Nursery offers the Austra Flora series with top-quality Grevilleas plant variety. Plants in this series include the Edna Walling Rosemary, the Edna Walling Softly Softly, Rosy’s Baby, Cherry Ripe, Seaspray Darwinia, Fanfare, Mary McKillop, and Genoa Glory.

The Edna Walling Rosemary is a small shrub. It has soft grey-green foliage and dainty violet-lilac flowers. The Flowers are attractive to butterflies and native harmless bees. Edna Walling Rosemary is attractive. It can be as a flowering container plant or a specimen. It is ideal for use in mid-level screening and formal hedging. It grows well in a wide range of soil types. It is suited to coastal positions and has a very high salt tolerance. It grows to a height of between 0.8 and 1.2 metres and a width of between 1 and 1.2 metres.

The Edna Walling Softly Softly is a compact and small shrub. It has soft grey-green foliage. It has vibrant bunches of cream and pink flowers. It is good to use as a feature plant for shrubberies and rockeries, and for pots, it grows to a height of between 0.3 and 0.4 metres and a width of 0.35 to 0.55 metres. It has pink-coloured flowers.

The Seaspray Darwinia is a low shrub. It has silvery green and aromatic foliage. It is dense and set on its fine stems attractively. It has vivid orange-red flowers with nectar and pollen that attract butterflies, honeyeaters, and other exquisite native harmless bees. It is fast-growing and effective as a groundcover in both small and large gardens. It is a great option to use in rockeries, in containers, or on decks or patios.

The Mary MacKillop is a dense medium shrub. It has glossy leaves, and new growth comes in lettuce green colours. It can be planted as groups or specimens. It is good for your gardens or even as streetscapes. It looks great as a hedge or in a big tub. The Mary MacKillop gives a brilliant flowering display that stays over several months. It produces a lot of nectar and attracts honeyeaters.

Genoa Glory can be a small dwarf tree or a tall shrub. The Genoa is very variable depending on their habitat. It has papery bark and a has vibrant red-coloured flowers. It has small and firm leaves and red-maroon stems. It can be used in native gardens and wildlife gardens as an informal screen or clipped hedge. It also makes a great bird refuge. It grows to a height of between 1.5 to 2.5m and a width of 1m.

Other plants in this series are the Rosy’s Baby, the Cherry Ripe, and the Fanfare.

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