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Killuke Nursery

is one of the top growers of quality plants in Australia. Located at No. 299, Maria River Road, Crescent Head, New South Wales, Australia. At Killuke Nursery, we are licensed growers of the Grevillea OZ Series. We also grow a range of Grevilleas, Photinia, Hedge Plants, Lilly Pilly, shrubs, Callistemon, and ground covers.

Killuke Nursery, established in 1978, is one of the leading nurseries in Australia. We are committed to giving you long-lasting, resistant plants that will stand the test of time and serve their purpose.

Licenced Grower

We are licenced growers. The various options that we grow include:

Killuke Nursery offers the GrevilleOZ series with top-quality Grevilleas plant variety. The plants in this series include the Pink Midget, Strawberry Sundae, Peaches n Cream, Amy Lou, and the Little Honey.

Gardeners Best

Killuke Nursery offers the Gardeners series with top-quality Grevilleas plant variety. The Gardener's Best series includes the Scarlet Pimpernel, My Fair Lady, Merlins Magic, Wilma's Choice, Honey Gem, Majesty, Golden Yul, Red Riding Hood, Miss Muffet, and Sheena's Gold.

Honey Bird

Killuke Nursery offers the Honey Bird series with top-quality Grevilleas plant variety. Plants in this series include the Parakeet Pink, the Silvereye Cream, and the Wattlebird Yellow. For instance, the Parakeet Pink is lovely, compact shrubby. It has soft pink and large flowers. Its growth habit is one of the most outstanding features of this particular Grevillea.

Austra Flora

Killuke Nursery offers the Austra Flora series with top-quality Grevilleas plant variety. Plants in this series include the Edna Walling Rosemary, the Edna Walling Softly Softly, Rosy's Baby, Cherry Ripe, Seaspray Darwinia, Fanfare, Mary McKillop, and Genoa Glory.


We offer Grevilleas at Killuke Nursery. Our options include:

Ground Covers

The Grevilleas are one of the most and all-time popular shrubs that spread and grow in Australian gardens, with its exuberant and beautiful flower displays and its wide range of fascinating shapes and sizes ranging from prostrate plants and small shrubs to larger trees. Grevilleas are the perfect plants for almost any garden setting you adopt.


Grevillea is a native Australian plant. It is also known as the garden plant. Its beautiful vibrant flowers come in diverse colours ranging from orange, yellow, red, pink, and green. Grevillea is a large genus that consisted of about 357 species. The Grevilleas genus is economically important. There are hundreds of different Grevillea hybrids, each with its beautiful colours and different shaped flowers. At Killuke Nursery, we grow and sell different Grevilleas hybrids.

Other Lines

At Killuke Nursery, we also grow other lines of Grevilleas. If you're looking for something other than the Grevilleas hybrids, Killuke Nursery is the place for you. Our plant lines are top quality, highly resistant, and sturdy. We have a wide variety of options for you to pick from.

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